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Our Story

Welcome to GuitarXR, we are a team of mixed reality/augmented reality developers who are passionate about leveraging technology to make music education more accessible and engaging. Our team includes developers with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, and music, all of whom bring unique perspectives and skills to the table.

We have developed a cutting-edge music learning platform that utilizes mixed reality technology to create an immersive learning experience. Our platform is designed to help both new and experienced players learn to play instruments in a new way by utilizing humans' most basic form of learning: spatial reasoning. Through our unique approach to music education, players can visualize and interact with virtual notation in a three-dimensional space, providing an intuitive and engaging experience that can help players of all levels improve their skills and deepen their understanding of music theory.

As a team, we are committed to making our platform accessible and affordable for music learners. Our hope is to have our innovative approach to music education make a significant impact in the music industry and inspire a new generation of artists to explore the world of mixed reality and augmented reality technology.

Our team's diverse skills and backgrounds have been instrumental in shaping our platform into what it is today. We are dedicated to continuing to innovate and improve our platform, and we are excited to see the impact our work is having on the world of music education. Join us on our mission to make music education more engaging and accessible to all through the use of the next generation of computing.

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